Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lacy Crochet

crocheted jar cozies by mary made me
crocheted jar cozies a photo by mary made me on Flickr.

I finally made something from the first crochet book I picked up about a year ago (when I didn't know how to crochet). The book is "Lacy Crochet" by Chronicle Books which was on clearance a while back.

I modified the pattern a little bit because I couldn't get the hang of the border but I still think they turned out cute. They just need some spring flowers in them!

Crochet fireplace garland

Fireplace garland by mary made me
Fireplace garland a photo by mary made me on Flickr.

I took all the blue/green flowers and granny squares I've been addicted to making and created a garland for the living room. It makes me happy when I see it!

The big flowers are from a Japanese crochet book (Crochet Motif vol.4). They've been ALL over blogland and flickr these past few months....

Thank you gft

A friend and her husband gifted us one of his amazing paintings. He's very influenced by time spent in Japan so I embroidered the words "gratitude" and "friend" onto some linen and made them into patchwork coasters. Wish I could say they loved them but they've never arrived! Such a bummer!! :(

Monday, March 21, 2011

crochet refashion

crochet flower collar by mary made me
crochet flower collar a photo by mary made me on Flickr.

I couldn't pass up this $1.99 100% lambswool sweater in a dark green color but the collar was coming undone in places. I embellished it with some crochet flowers made out of thrifted wool/acrylic yarn and I have an instant new favorite sweater!